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Some things to consider...

Here are some things The Insights Collective is considering:

Looking at the data there appears to be risk tolerant and risk averse segments of consumers. There are several questions to consider:

1. Even if capacity differences are lifted will the risk averse part of the market resume their travel behavior? It’s not clear that they would. This group appears to be driven by safety issues and not discounts etc.

2. It begs the question if the risk averse group is not going to travel until they feel safe, then wouldn’t it make sense for destinations to have a clearly communicated, effective COVID management program.

3. It also is an open question as to when group and business travel returns and to what level.

4. There is a big assumption that a vaccine will be available sometime by mid 2021. What if it takes 5 years? What will be the bridge strategy?

Some things to think about.

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