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Thanksgiving and COVID

As COVID-19 cases rise and restrictions on indoor activities increase, many communities and citizens are working to support local businesses, particularly restaurants. For warmer-weather locations like Florida, Southern California, and parts of Texas, outdoor dining stands a better chance of success than it does in colder climates like the Upper Midwest, New England, and higher-elevation Rocky Mountain locations. But that doesn’t mean that alternatives to indoor dining aren’t available.

Thanksgiving traditionally means large gatherings with friends and families from near and far. This year, get-togethers will be de-centralized. No more 25-pound turkeys, huge casserole dishes of green beans, at extra-large pots of mashed potatoes. Restaurants are hopeful that smaller gatherings will mean more Thanksgiving orders for takeout, which could be a lifeline for these businesses. Consider ordering directly from the restaurant, either by phone or their website, and picking up the food yourself, rather than using third-party delivery apps like DoorDash or UberEats; which charge the restaurant a delivery fee.

And while indoor dining is currently closed in many states, including Colorado, Steamboat Ski Area is expanding its Taco Beast food-truck-on-a-snowcat concept into a new Pizza Ranger on-snow delivery vehicle, to serve skiers and snowboarders outside on the snow. Whether you choose to eat at your car, at your condo, or at the snowcat, be safe and stay healthy this Thanksgiving!

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